Welcome to Photovideocreate Photography, specialise as a wedding photographer, portrait photographer, family photographer, proposal photographer, newborn & kid photography, real estate photography and event photographer. Our head studio is located in NewYork, we are providing our photography and video services throughout the USA. We love taking high quality, modern and creative photographs in beautiful, natural locations within Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach Florida. We have skills to capture raw emotions in a split second, freezing a point in time allows that moment to last forever. Our photographer team has been proudly expanded to Florida, serving Tamper, Naples, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Fort Myer area. Florida is one of the most popular winter destinations for snowbirds. We provide New York standard high-quality elite service.


Why Choose Photovideocreate For Your Photo Session In Florida

Florida is a beautiful location for wedding photography, family and vacation photography, portrait photography and other lovable moments you want to capture. You will find beauty in everything. Our photographers have been capturing awesome photos in Florida for years so we have the right skill and knowledge to help you get incredible photo sessions for your event.


Our team is familiar with the entire south Florida area including palm beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, coral gables, Jupiter and Delray beach so you don’t need to worry about location selection. We will help you to find the best location that suits best for your event. Whether you are thinking of a beach wedding with a spectacular sunset over the horizon or traditional wedding at saint Marya star of the sea, our unique style of shooting and lovely photos will be sure to freeze your moment in time to enjoy it for years.




Tampa is known for being a city for historic architecture and modern landmarks with urban parks, gorgeous Tampa Riverwalk, hip bars and innovative restaurants and amazing restorations of turn of the century buildings. Tampa is a wonderful place for every event and a beautiful photo session. We strive to create a fun and comfortable atmosphere for you so that you can be yourself and let the real you shine through. We enjoy exploring these beautiful Tampa locations and capturing your special moments. Contact us today to hire us as Tampa photographers in Florida. Most loved locations in Tampa include The Riverwalk, Cypress Point Park and Downtown Tampa


One of the best reasons to get married in Tampa is that there are a variety of exquisite wedding venues. Whether you want to get married on award-winning Clearwater Beach or immerse yourself in natural surroundings, Tampa Florida offers every option.


We provide fun and creative photography in the beautiful location of Fort Myers in Florida. We specialise in providing high-quality wedding photography, proposal photography, engagement photography and portrait photography. Fort Myers has perfect weather, nature, beach, lighting and all. Fort Myers has the perfect background, country park and Bowditch point and park have great nature with occasional turtle sightings as they crawl along paths. You can imagine the scene - it’s beautiful! And your photos will be more beautiful and lively. Bowditch Point Park has beach access on the bayside as well as on the Gulf of Mexico so you can enjoy this with photography. Contact us today for Fort Myers photography


If you are planning to get married in Fort Myers, you can consider below venues.


Naples is such a beautiful city in Florida. This is a great place to take an evening walk and photoshoot. While walking you can see fisherman fishing and lovely sunset in the end, Don’t forget to walk along the streets around Gulf Shore Blvd. The homes are simply stunning. Whether you are planning for a big event, wedding photography in Naples or a proposal or family portrait, we are happy to capture those beautiful moments for you. Contact us today as Naples photographers.


If you are planning to get married in Naples Florida, you can consider below venues.


Miami is a city made up of many tantalizing ingredients like culture, art, architecture and nature. It’s like thousands of colourful umbrellas bursting from the rim. If you are looking for fashion, wedding, portrait or a special event photographer in Miami - look no further. Wild, colourful, and artsy Miami will make for an unbelievable holiday destination that you and your family and friends will never want to forget. Our photographer can capture all of your wonderful memories in several professional photos. The best thing about Miami is You’ve got nearly any sort of architecture you need for photography from the Miami Beach art deco district to Miami’s gleaming modern skyline along with plenty of gritty urban locations if you want them. Miami Points of Interest include South Pointe Beach, Wynwood Walls, Indian Beach, Cape Florida and Pier Park at Sunny Isles Beach.


If you are planning to get married in Miami, you can consider below venues.


If you are looking for a professional photographer or videographer in Fort Lauderdale, you can turn to us. With one of the best beaches in the country, upscale bars and restaurants, a rich arts and culture scene, family-friendly activities and events, and a premier marina for the yachting crowd, Fort Lauderdale is ready to move past its party-central reputation and stand out as a top destination for all travellers. The memories you make here will stay with you forever. Capture beautiful moments in the most iconic spots with our photographers. Choose from our favourite routes, including Hollywood Beach, Ft Lauderdale Beach, Hugh Taylor Birch State Park or The Commercial Boulevard Pier (Anglins Fishing Pier).


If you are planning to get married in Fort Lauderdale, you can consider below venues.

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We hired New York Photographer Photovideocreate for our Engagement and wedding, and this is everything we have could asked for! Easy to work with, responsible, patient and photos and videos are amazing and fantastic! I am glad the full consulting for our photo session, so we both have an understanding of what I expect. The photographer is very friendly and fun, I felt very relax and happy during Engagement photo session. That's why my hubby and I decided to book with them again at our wedding. I see the photographer and videogrpaher team are every where at my wedding. Lol Thank god they work  hard at my wedding. Now i have so many memories to look back in my future. They captured all the moments a lot of family group pictures. We are highly recommend them.



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