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New York Proposal Photographer

Capture a Moment that Will Be the Start of the Rest of Your Life.  Unforgettable!


Why propose in New York?

New York is an absolutely magical place to propose to your life partner. Whether you live here or travelled here to propose, there is something so incredible special in getting engaged in such a beautiful location. New York City is the most famous city in the US, hosts 55 million annual visitors, and has some of the most recognizable icons in the world. This city is extremely romantic and is the perfect place to propose to your life partner. 


If you’re ready to ask the most important question of your life and want to ensure the scene for your marriage proposal is a fusion of history, culture, and romance, look no further than New York City. This famed metropolis has been the launching pad for many of the world’s legendary love stories and offers an excess of proposal locations that attract a wide range of tastes. Whether you’re hoping for a dreamy outdoor proposal pulled out of the silver screen, a grand public gesture that’s sure to attract a crowd, or a simple setting that allows for the magnitude of your question to shine, New York city just might be the answer.


There are two good reasons to hire a professional proposal photographer: They do the planning and the photo shooting. The ultimate job of a proposal photographer is to capture the big moment without drawing too much attention — or sometimes any at all. The right photographer will be able to solve any challenges and advise on logistics to avoid tipping off the person being asked. New York Photographer PhotoVideoCreate would like to guide you through your proposal planning in New York. And We will capture the best moment in your proposal.

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Have a sneak peek into the cinematic proposal video we shot




Top 10 Proposal Locations in New York


A National Historic Landmark and a New York City scenic landmark, this world-famous, Manhattan park is known as the ‘green heart’ of the City.


Among Central Park‘s many popular backdrops for photos are the Central Park Zoo, Central Park The Pond, and the Central Park Mall. Hosting an estimated 38 million annual visitors, the park is heavy on the foot traffic.


You truly can’t get more classic than Central Park. There is an endless number of picture-perfect spots to choose from! The beauty of the Bow Bridge makes it an ideal location to propose


The Manhattan skyline is one of the city’s most romantic features, and Brooklyn Bridge Park has one of the skyline’s best views. It makes sense that the park’s stretch is a prime spot for proposals. The Promenade is a particular favorite, but don’t sleep on DUMBO’s section of the park, which is home to a rotating selection of public art and the super-romantic Jane’s Carousel. Post-proposal, be sure to dine on celebratory pizza at Grimaldi’s like a true New Yorker.

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of my favorite places to capture both proposals and engagement photos! Early in the morning is the perfect time for photos: the light is soft as the sun rises and the bridge is less crowded.


The coolest part about proposing at Times Square is being able to put a personalized message on one of the billboards in the heart of the Big Apple! To make sure your message gets across, you can always rent screen space. A creative take on the Jumbotron sports proposal, schedule this go-big-or-go-home scheme through the annual Valentine's Day event.


New York City has SO many fantastic views. The city is breathtaking, and there are many places you can go to enjoy the skyline. If you want to propose while visiting NYC, there’s nothing like having the Empire State Building as the backdrop to make it a beautiful, memorable moment.

Many romantic comedies have idealized the iconic empire state building and its 360-degree view of the Big Apple, but that doesn't diminish its grandeur. The trickiest part of popping the question here is the timing. Of all the buildings in New York that are globally familiar, none is more so than the Empire State Building. Featured in many great movies such as “Sleepless In Seattle”, “An Affair To Remember” and, of course, “King Kong”, it’s a location that is hard to beat, just for the sheer majesty of it.


The Central Park Zoo is located at the southeast corner of Central Park in New York City. It is a fun and creative proposal idea in New York. CENTRAL PARK ZOO SECRET PROPOSAL would be ideal for the couples who is nature or animal lover. You will have the sea lions be your proposal witness! 


An acronym for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass,” DUMBO is a classic spot for photos.


Every beautiful, cool, iconic thing about New York City is in one small radius. “Cobblestone streets, the Brooklyn Bridge, Pebble Beach, Jane’s Carousel, the NYC skyline, the now Instagram-famous Washington Street—you cannot go wrong in DUMBO. We would recommend that you schedule your proposal or engagement session mid-week unless you want to compete with giant wedding parties and quinceaneras on the weekend.”


Situated beneath the world-famous Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge Park is an 85-acre wonderland along the East River waterfront that offers spectacular vibes of Manhattan and a picturesque setting for engagement photos.


Located in Battery Park along the Hudson River, Pier A Harbor House is a prime spot for admiring the Statue of Liberty. Sit outdoors and also admire the sailboats and sunset while getting cozy over oysters, garlic shrimp and craft cocktails. Pick a quieter night so you can propose along the waterfront railing without having to jockey for a spot. Or head upstairs, where the co-founders behind acclaimed cocktail bar The Dead Rabbit have recently opened the high-end BlackTail. This sexy spot channels a throwback Cuban vibe, from the décor to the menu, along with plenty of candlelit tables to boot.

Pier A Harbor House Proposal Photography

Midtown Loft & Terrace-Proposal-Photogra

With the Empire State Building as its backdrop and 360-degree views of Midtown, the gorgeous venue of Midtown Loft & Terrace is “New York” through and through. The 4,400 square-foot terrace features a landscaped garden, mahogany decking, brick walls, and natural lighting, making it an ultimate setting for a lavish proposal replete with ample roses, candles, and maybe even a string quartet. If you’re crafting this mega-proposal in the colder months, Midtown Loft has an indoor space that emanates sophistication with copper windows, antique copper light fixtures, and a fireplace.


The lush, 250-acre landscape of New York Botanical Garden offers plenty of space, beauty, and romantic spots to pop the question. While there’s no bad place to propose marriage among the blooms, waterways, and arbors of the garden, our favorite proposal areas include the Water Lilies and Lotuses, Perennial Garden, Cherries area, and Rose Garden. Be prepared to guide your love to the spot by going on a reconnaissance mission a few days before the big day to map out a plan.

Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center-Pho

We can’t think of a more classic holiday proposal setting than beneath the 100-foot Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, which has been featured in memorable scenes of yuletide classics like Home Alone and Elf. As your partner says yes, their tears of joy will sparkle beneath the 30,000 twinkle lights and massive Swarovski crystal star, adding to the magical moment. To celebrate your future together (and defrost your fingers), make the short walk to La Maison du Chocolat and indulge in the acclaimed hot chocolate.

Pier 17-New_York-NYC-NY-Proposal-Photogr

Pier 17 is located in the Seaport District of NYC. Pier 17 is a truly unique venue, modern and sleek looking. It offers to overlook the Brooklyn Bridge over to the water. You see both Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. This is a very new and hidden Gem in New York City.  Pier 17 has become a major attraction in the area. When the Brooklyn bridge lights up at night once the sunset, it adds extra romantic for the two of you. Your partner would appreciate if you pick a place with amazing views. Also, not as extremely crowded as any of the popular locations in New York. After your successful proposal, the two of you could take a romantic walk at Battery Park. It is definitely very memorable for your life! Propose in Pier 17 would be a great option for you. 



Get the precious moments of your blossoming love captured by the best candid wedding photographers in New York. Spontaneous expressions with effortless posing and smiling are captured wonderfully when a professional candid photographer has an eye for it. Our highly skilled and experienced team of candid wedding photographers specialise in composing exquisite pictures with a sense of realism, without staging a scene. We always endeavour to bring out the unconventional hues of the wedding rituals. Whether there are morning rituals or an evening cocktail, pre-wedding shoots or Big- Day event, we combine the ambient vibrancies with our artistic compositions blended with fabulous effects. Celebrate the blissful moments of love and tying the knot with your partner while gazing at your wedding pictures.



Tell your pre- wed love story to your friends and family with beautiful captures that are enthralling and displays the togetherness of your love. PHOTOVIDEOCREATE Photography, one of the best pre-wedding photographers in New York creates mesmerising photos and video that captivates your mind. Our innovative team of photographers embed latest pre wedding photography trends in your pictures that always look refreshing even after years.

If you are planning to get hitched soon then let us use our creative vision and create enticing photographs. We turn each moment of your pre wedding shoot into a golden opportunity that becomes a lifelong possession for you and your partner. Our flawless concepts make every moment remarkable that you’ll cherish for your life.


Our professional New York proposal photographers help you plan and capture your secret surprise proposal anywhere in New York City.  We will coordinate with you and customize your proposal. 

Our style is capturing EVERY MOMENT, EVERYTHING, ALL the interaction between the two of you.

After she said yes, we offer a mini classic engagement shoot to show off the ring close by your proposal area.  


-Same-day photo delivery of the most important photo for you to share on any social media of your happiness as soon as possible
- All high-resolution images download
- Free consultation to discuss your proposal plan

Online Video Slideshow of your proposal with the music of your choice

Add on Video service available. Want to further documentary the big step of your love? We also provide professional video service with great audio, even you are whipper your commitment, we can still record them! 

Bustling City

There are many views to behold in the beautiful place that is NYC. These rooftops are very romantic and look incredible to propose to your life partner. With beautiful lighting and decor, you can make your proposal more romantic with a classy photoshoot. Check the google map below, I marked the purple mark as rooftop recommendation. 

How to Propose in New York?

If you are going to propose to your life partner in New York, you need to really work on it. This is the most beautiful city in the US with classic luxury so plan your proposal with a professional photographer. New York Photographer PhotoVideoCreate is here to help you. 

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Choose a famous mentioned location or rooftops or below are some more ways for you to express your love.

Engagment Ring

What makes the best proposal photo?

Getting ready to ask your partner to spend their life forever with you? What an amazing and special moment! And what better way to preserve this beautiful time than having it captured in photos to treasure for years and years to come? I wanted to share my favorite tips for planning a perfectly photographed proposal.

  • First, consider your location.

  • Consider lighting.

  • Time Schedule.

  • Where your fiancé will be facing.

  • Photo turnaround time.


What our clients have to say about us!

Hayley was very helpful. In fact she suggested the excellent location where I proposed to my wife (Brooklyn Bridge park instead of the actual bridge). The "paparazzi" photos that she took came out really great.

  • What is your specialization of Photography?
    The team at Photovideocreate Photography has a unique style of blending innovative concepts with aesthetically pleasing vision. We specialise in wedding candid photography and cinematic films while using creative lighting techniques, perspectives, compositions and post-production skills to bring out the best results.
  • Do you also provide videography services for the complete wedding and related events?
    Yes, we provide the video of the wedding event in two parts. We give a 15-minute teaser and detailed film as per the event. You may check out the videos at Photovideocreate Photography’s YouTube channel
  • Do you cover destination wedding?
    Yes, we do cover destination weddings.
  • Do you deliver each and every image shot during the event?
    No, we filter the stock of images before delivering. We eliminate the duplicates, test shots, missed focused shots, and the shots with improper expressions that may dilute the overall gallery
  • How do you ensure quality result in each wedding?
    We have a team of professional photographers who are expert in their own genres. The skills and artistic vision of our team ensure outstanding quality in each shot composed. Moreover, our post-production team also add their creative editing skills to enhance the colours and bring out the high definition picture quality.
  • How updated are your cameras and equipments?
    We use the best in the industry camera and equipment to produce high-quality results. We keep on upgrading ourselves with high-end technologies available in the market.
  • Is there any limit to number of photographs that you click at the event?
    There is no limit to the number of photographs clicked. However, we always eliminate the inappropriate and repetitive shots to filter the complete stock.
  • Do you provide wedding albums?
    Yes, we provide complete wedding albums with good quality of sheets and printing as per the wedding package opted.
  • Do you provide complete footage of the video?
    Besides the wedding teaser and detailed film, we provide complete video footage in each wedding package.

New York Proposal Location & Rooftop Bar

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